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I do relatively small editions of prints ranging from 5 to 35 in most cases. Each print has several references attached that define the edition, the number in the edition, when the print was made and when the photograph was taken. Normally these are written just below the print but, depending on the format, that is not always the location. Typically, in an edition of 25, 5 of the prints will be reserved for special orders in large sizes. To learn more about the larger prints please go the Special Prints section under the ABOUT heading.

My prints are typically done on Hahnemuhle’s William Turner Watercolor Paper or Museum Etching Paper but, I will at times use other materials. These are rich, textured papers that produce vivid colored or black and white images while also adding a softer feeling because of the rough surface.

Sizes for the Prints (please note that not all sizes may be available for an edition):

7 x 21 (Collectors Series)
12 x 36
16 x 48
24 x 72
Large Prints
Square/Rectangular (sizes will vary based on the image)
16 x 24
30 x 36
36 x 48
Large Prints

In an edition size of 35 I typically do 10 prints in three sizes and reserve 5 prints for special orders in large sizes. Edition size and available print sizes are noted on each print page.

The smallest versions of my panoramic prints, called the “Museum Series” are approximately 7” x 21” in size and are not counted in the edition number, although I will produce a maximum of 100 in this size. These are produced in small batches of 3-5 prints as ordered with the printing date and print number included. They prints are sold through the New Mexico Museum Society and other online sources and are relatively inexpensive. Because these are not all printed at one time there may be variations in the different batches simply because I can change my mind about how to interpret some of these scenes.

The tiny versions of my prints, approximately 1 x 7 for panoramas and 3 x 4 for rectangular prints, are called the "Collector's Series" and make wonderful gift cards. They come mounted in an 11 x 14 matt.