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Very Large Prints: Large landscapes, murals, prints on canvas and special prints for outdoor use are available as special orders or custom projects. Many of the panoramas work will in larger sizes such as 30 x 90, 36 x 108 and 40 x 120. I have made individual prints as large as 4 feet by 16 feet and custom murals with panels as large as 8 feet x 24 feet for a public setting. Normally the larger prints work better on canvas. I’ve done watercolor prints up to 84” but at this size matting and traditional forms of framing can become problematic. I enjoy the challenges of custom prints and in an edition size of 25 normally reserve 5 prints for large sizes.

Special Materials: Individual prints can be made as a custom order on special materials such as aluminum, fine handmade papers, canvas or cloth; BUT, I will need to consult with you before you place the order to be sure I understand what you want. Most prints can be ordered on canvas in the larger sizes. Other possible surfaces are noted on my "Options on Materials" page under the Purchase heading. Once again, I will need to consult with you before letting you select a paper other than watercolor paper or canvas.