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Tubes versus Other Packaging Options

Larger prints can be rolled and shipped in heavy cardboard tubes. When the print arrives you simply unroll it and your framer will be sure that it is mounted flat before it is framed. This shipping method is inexpensive and the tubes are virtually indestructible. We pay for shipping when it is done in tubes. When you specify “Ship Prints in Tubes” you will notice that the invoice shows “$0.00” under the shipping costs.

Traditional Packaging

The print is covered with a protective paper and several layers of cardboard then packed inside a larger shipping container. We use a professional shipper to be sure this is done properly. Shipping Costs depend on the print size and whether it was framed or laminated.

Shipping Methods and Costs

The following table gives estimated costs for packing and shipping standard sized prints from our studio in Santa Fe to destinations 1, 2 and 3 Zones away using UPS or Fed-Ex ground. The West Coast is two zones from Santa Fe and the East Coast is 3 zones away to give you some perspective here. We will provide the exact costs when you place your order and select a shipping method.

# Zones from Santa Fe11 x 1422 x 2830 x 3636 x 4812 x 3616 x 4820 x 60