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Watercolor Paper

The textured surface of these fine papers offers a full range of colors while at the same time softening the image slightly as the rough surface scatters the light. Hahnemuhle’s William Turner Watercolor paper (or a similar textured paper) is my favorite surface for many prints and the default paper used when no paper options are selected.

Archival Canvas

I prefer the fine, archival coated, mat canvas materials from Canon, Moab or Becker. These wonderful surfaces are similar to the watercolor paper and offer bright prints with a full tonal range that can be stretched. Often I will recommend that customers select canvas as the medium for any panoramic prints larger than 6 feet just reduce the weight. Normally I will add a thin acrylic coating to all canvas prints so they can be displayed directly once stretched.

Available on Some Photographs

Portfolio Rag / Smooth Fine Art Papers: These beautiful papers are offered on some of my images and portfolios, especially in the smaller sizes. They offer a full range of tones and the smooth surface offers a greater range of detail for crisp prints.

Pearl and Semi-Gloss Papers: These wonderful products such as Hahnemuhle’s Pearl Surface and Museo’s Silver Rag paper have replaced the traditional silver halide prints in my portfolios. I use them most often with my traditional Black & While prints but occasionally will offer my abstract color work in this format.

Asian Fine Art Papers: These papers are offered with some of my portfolios of natural objects such as leaves or stones. Heavily textured and translucent, the irregular surface seems to absorb the image into the paper instead of leaving it on the surface. This results in a more subdued image that often is very appropriate for the natural material.